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Toegevoegd: Kimberliefje: 2018-01-13
Duration: 0m36s
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Categorieën: Big Boobs Tieten, Hugh Tits, Big Tits Pussy, Yoga Tits, Swinging Tits
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I picked up my baby to feed her and within seconds she was coughing and spluttering, drowning in a fountain of milk as it squirted in her face and down her throat. As soon as access has been granted and my boobs are in her sight, she squeals delightedly jumping up and down in joy. My sister breastfeeder to 3 herselfstressed to me the importance of using Lanisoh cream before and after feeds. This is not OK, in fact it sucks, and I recommend that you visit the Hollaback! Mum was staying with us and also encouraged me to persevere, promising the pain would ease and it would be worth it in the end breastfeeder to 3 herself.

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